The Girl and the Machine – Digital tailors since 2018

The Girl & The Machine creates fine 3D knitwear on demand, for those who want to look good and feel great in a better world. 3D knitwear on demand is seamless, has a perfect fit, personalized design and minimal environmental impact.

The Question

For a pioneer brand like The Girl and The Machine many questions arise along the way. One question is the most important: How can we be be successful and sustainable at the same time? The best answer to this question is a message that does not appeal to everyone: less consumption.

The Answer

As a brand we choose to deliver this message and trade it for a simple but great idea: Future clothes should feel and function like animal skin. Everybody has their own unique personalized style, like a genetic code. For this, we produce a perfect fit with better comfort and quality, purely on demand. With clothes as good as that, people won’t need a whole lot more.

The Machine

To accomplish this we searched the industry for tools. The Japanese Shima Seiki Wholegarment Machine offers great possibilities. Although this type of machine is still mainly used to produce sports- and medical wear, we discovered that if this machine, if approached from another perspective, it could work for us. And after several years of research, talking with software designers and manufacturers we developed a set of programmed building blocks to start the brand.

The Girl

Our design team has created a number of looks to choose from. You can also start and configure your own personal style and look. After entering your sizing data, our machine will do the work and your garment will be delivered at your doorstep. If you have any special requests, let us know. We are Digital Tailors and we are here to create.

The beginning

With our designer brand we aspire to contribute to a more conscious shopping experience and to the further development of personalized knitwear. Let’s spare natural resources and create a fair, sustainable future for everybody, in style…


Order your limited edition garment now

The Girl & The Machine offers a startup limited edition collection for Early adopters.
For this supporting group of customers we build a first simple test configurator. Go to our digital Atelier and try our shopping experience. With this configurator you can:

  • Shop a Look
  • Create your own Look
  • Leave your body size measurements in our system
  • Place an order

Be quick, there are only 100 pieces in limited edition!

It’s all about you

To create a brand that offers perfect fitting knitwear on demand we need to know what our customers require. Our configurator is in progress and open to the important feedback of our supporting customers. If you have ideas and improvements please let us know on:


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